We have 16+ years of Web Experience to serve your online business or web portfolio. We are doing 80% more faster work for quick result or ROI competitive other companies in India. You may ask us for proof...

Web Design & Development

RKS Technologies is a Website Designing and Web Development Company based out in Dwarka, Delhi, India. The company offers best-in-class web design and Digital Marketing Services to diverse industries. It is must looks a Professional website for your Business for more business increase leads... We built CMS websites i.e. WordPress, Magento etc.

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Local & Multi city Marketing

If you are aiming for targeted or selective customers within your local area or local location (i.e. Area Zone, District, City, State etc.) then what you need is our Google local business listing service. Google local online marketing is the most effective means to advertise business to local prospects and target local consumers.

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Black Hat SEO by Experts

It is best to do Black Hat SEO by Experts, because some of most company has doing Google Black Hat Optimization by use wrong techniques against Google. but if you need Black Hat SEO, then consult us today, it is free. You can use it. It is very faster, cheaper, Better and Smarter the White Hat SEO

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What’s a Black Hat Hacker? Aslo Blue Hat Hacker & Gray Hat Hacker ?

A black hat hacker is an individual with very extensive computer knowledge, whose purpose is to breach or bypass your any type of internet security. Black hat hackers are also known as Crackers or Dark-Side Hackers. In the general view is that, while Black Hat hackers build things, crackers break things. They are computer security

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Blue Hat SEO

What Is Blue Hat SEO? Who is Blue Hat SEO Expert Companies in India ?

You’ll learn very quickly that this is NOT your average SEO, It is Advance SEO. At the moment, RKS Technologies is the only website on the Internet that is completely dedicated to the art of Advanced SEO. Blue Hat SEO is essentially the study of advanced Internet marketing and search engine optimization techniques. Blue Hat

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10 Ways to detect a "Fake Facebook" Account

10 Ways to detect a “Fake Facebook” Account

1.  Look for photos in the profile.If there is only one photo of the individual in the whole profile it makes it quite clear that the account is fake. 2. Look for status updates,wall posts and comments.If the user hasn’t updated a status for quite a long time and hasn’t been involved in any wall

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