25 Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

25 Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

More than 50% of all Facebook users log in every day that is why getting Facebook fans are very important to increase your website traffic. You have created a Facebook page, applied an attractive cover photo and used an amazing eye popping profile photo and you started sharing your content and statuses. Now, if you start thinking that Page Likes will automatically increase then you are thinking absolutely Wrong. To increase Facebook Likes for page we need to go through various methods to get targeted fans.

25 Ways to Increase Facebook Likes
25 Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

Before you start sharing your page with other people, make sure your Facebook Page profile is complete. Add a description that can describe your business, categorize the page and add your address, email and phone number.

25 Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

  1. Add Facebook Like Box on your website or blog. You can achieve almost 70% of likes from this way. Add your Like Box now.
  2. Add a Facebook Page Like button on the header of your website. Add Like Button.
  3. Ask your friends and other contacts to like your page on Facebook. Ask them to mention your page in their status and leave some good comments. This will help to earn good credibility for your page.
  4. Facebook Ads are quick way to increase Facebook likes. You can add your interest and select the location to find the relevant and targeted Likes. Buy Facebook Ads.
  5. My advice is to update status at least once per day. People don’t like inactive pages and in result they dislike the page. To find your active followers you must do some experiments with timing of your posts.
  6. Ask questions regularly to your followers.
  7. Add a banner in your website asking to like your fan page. This method only works when you have good organic traffic on your website.
  8. Add Facebook Link in your email signature.
  9. Add a “Like us” button in your website newsletter.
  10. Create post that inspires people to Share.
  11. Post Eye catching images. The most shared content on Facebook is images.
  12. Ask your fans to like, share or comment.
  13. Run a “fans only” contest, it is a great to increase Facebook fans. People who want to participate will like your page first then they will participate in contest.
  14. If your fans like entertaining stuff, add interesting videos so it can be share among others. You can also add Facebook URL in your Youtube videos.
  15. Posts tips and tricks, people love to follow how-to tutorials and tips.
  16. Make list posts and share it with your fans. For example, “top 10 mistakes you should never do on Facebook” or “Top 20 funny pages on Facebook” and share it on your Facebook page. These kind of posts generate more clicks and likes.
  17. Offer free stuff like e-books and tell people to like your Facebook page to get this e-book.
  18. Interact with other pages. Ask them to share your page or you can comment on their posts as your Facebook page. How to do that? Go to your Facebook page, click “Edit page” and click “Use Facebook as PageName”.
  19. Avoid attention or sympathy seeking posts.  People don’t like this kind of status and in result you will loss Facebook fans.
  20. If you have any position in your company, post job openings. Write a short description about the job and a method on how to apply for it. People will share your post with those who are looking for the job. This method will also help to increase Facebook Likes
  21.  Share your Facebook page link to other social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.
  22. Add Facebook page link in your business card. There are hundreds of examples I have seen that people have used the Facebook URL in their business cards. This will also help to get new likes each time you handover your card to someone.
  23. Write a blog post about your Facebook page. Tell your readers a strong reason why they should like your page.
  24. Invite your friends and email contacts, Go to your Page and click “Build Audience” then click “Invite Friends..” Select your friends and invite them to like your page. You can invite your email contacts via same method by clicking “Invite Email Contacts..”.
  25. Respond to your fan’s comments or questions.

By using each of method above, you can increase likes on your page. There are many stories of getting thousands of Facebook likes in a day but I think it is not possible without investing huge amount of money and time.

Like Facebook, it is also important to grow your other social media accounts such as Twitter. If I missed any method or do you have any question? you can simply write it in comments. And if you have any more tips about getting more Facebook Likes, feel free to share with our readers.

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