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Offers for Affordable Low-Budget Website

For that people, who are looking to build a simple website. We offer a Low Budget Website plan for SOHO, Small Business, Personal, NGO,  Trust, social group, Non eCommerce, We build beautiful or simple static website in low Budget website for small budget and professionalism use. Low Budget Website (L.B.W.) is a simple way to grow local business & advertisement.

basic website

basic website

basic website

basic website

We have a very great offer by experienced team of developers and internet marketers. This works for us because we have a few website customers who are signed up as well — and it works for you because you get an affordable, low price on building your website that would probably cost hundreds of dollars with other developers. We charge regular sites $34.99 per month (with 12 months minimum) which includes a free domain name registration, and at least one year of hosting. Your website will be hosted on our servers for as long as you need it after that period of time.

This means that your website will cost only about $419 and you don’t have to pay upfront.

In reality, other developers are likely to offer between $100 – $125 or more for a small 5-10 page website, and you would have to pay a 1/2 deposit or entire sum right away. (Please do your research with other companies)

Our monthly plan also includes basic maintenance. A cancellable payment is submitted by PayPal, which also offers you additional customer payment protection.

We had to come up with this strategy to offer affordable rates for many of the people we are working with, instead of charging what it really costs to develop (which not everyone can afford).

If you are interested in this special offer, please write me an email info@rkstech.com -Thanks!

With this plan we offer Free Domain Name Registration. If you’re interested in how to register a domain name yourself, please follow this link to an article I have written on one of the websites that I personally created to help people learn more about building websites.