Why Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important for all Local Business?

Local SEO (Online Local Listing Optimization) is a very important part of online local business marketing. Businesses need to use / implement local SEO strategies to improve their business conversions. This can be simply achieved by hiring a local SEO experts who will put your local business at local business directories and adopt optimization process […]

SEM PPC Service

A Beginner’s Guide to SEM & PPC Management

RKS Technologies managing a SEM Service(Search Engine Marketing) and PPC Service (Pay Per Click)campaign for all types of business market (not for: Drugs, Wine, Weapon, Gambling, Escort Service, Casino). It’s easy to take a logically & scientific approach when you’re working with all kinds of analytic and testing tools. However, many breakthroughs happen through creativity. […]

SEO Internet Marketing

Free directory submission list

RKS Technology’s Directories List has directories that have the option to submit your site for free. The directories listed are often checked that remain free, and data are updated weekly. With ‘remember my clicks’ option you can let RKS Technologies remember and present you the directories that you have clicked, and clear those click tracks […]

Why SEO is Important for all Website?

When you start your own business, it has somewhat become a basic requirement to have your own website and even a blog that relates to it. This is important due to the advance use of technology and due to the competitiveness of many companies that have been introduced lately. Once you have built your website […]