Google Local Business Listing

Google Places quality guidelines Tips

Google Places brings users and their local businesses together, both online and in the real world. To best serve our end users (and your potential customers), we’ve come up with a list of guidelines for your Google Places account and listings. Your Google Places Account Ownership: Only business owners or authorized representatives may verify their […]

local internet marketing

10 Reasons of Internet Marketing is Important to Your Business

Few Days ago I found an excellent blog on “why Internet Marketing is so important to the success of businesses“: Here are the top 10 reasons why Internet Marketing is so important to the success of businesses: 1. Online Branding The primary reason for beginning an Internet Marketing campaign is to increase product awareness. As […]

10 Ways to detect a "Fake Facebook" Account

How to change facebook back to old layout?

Yes, there is a way to go back to old Facebook ✔ Follow these Steps to get OLD FB Back: ✔ ✔ Log into your Facebook Account. ✔ Click on “Account” (Top Right), ✔ Click on “Account Settings”, and ✔ under “Deactivate Account” click “deactivate”. ✔ After your account has been deactivated. ✔ Log back […]

Internet Marketing & Promotion

Internet Marketing & Promotion

The internet marketing offers greater capabilities to market the products and services at lower cost to global audience. We at RKS Technologies help our clients achieve online success through pioneering, righteous and strategically-effective Internet marketing services. Tailored to suit your business type and requirements, our solutions build a web-niche for your brand and keep you […]